Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Eyes Still Look out for You !!

Every morning, I wake up
With a hope of winning you back from the Gods.
And every night I lie awake in pain,
For, I keep failing to win you back.
Colors are all the same
And emotions seemed similar.

I cry for joy and laugh for sorrows
The long roads that I travel on,
Seemed to remind me,
That life moves on, no matter what happens.
But the parallel rail roads tell me that,
You’re always with me wherever I go in life.

I still smell you in the air around me,
And I see us together,
At places where our love once grew.
Whenever people ask me of you,
I reply them with my tears
And they never seem to dry.
Miss you in every little thing that I do.
Need you badly to start living my life,
With you and your love.
Love You!

Goddess of Love !!

If you were an ocean,
I would spend you drop by drop
And if you were a drop
I would treasure you forever.
Either ways, it’s just you and only you.
Life with you or death without you,
Is all I need to take me through to you.

Time keeps running out ;
But your memories in me never fade away.
There are always high tides in my ocean of love
Every time I start to think of you,
And once again I start living you in me.
I keep losing myself to you
Every single time you blink an eye at me.

Hey Goddess of Love,
I stand here begging for your return,
For, my arms ache
Because they aren’t holding you any longer
And all my senses are long dead,
Ever since you were gone
Love is you, No matter where you are
And you will forever define it for me.
Though we are far apart,
Our souls are inter-connected.
Love You!

Life's Incomplete !!

Life without love is never worth living
And love without you is never complete.
You’ve completed me in all ways, big and small
And your smile lightens my heart as ever.
A drop of tear from you and am broken down.
I always feel you in the air around me
Though I cannot see you anwhere,
Life’s always been a beautiful walk to remember
And I still pride in holding your hands
All through our journey called love.
A promise of never parting from You
Still defines my existence in this world.
Love You!

If this was a Movie ... ?

Last night I heard my own heart, beating
And it felt like the footsteps of an Angel
That I’ve been craving for.
Time keeps moving on
Wanting me to move on in life,
I’m still reaching out for you,
Though I know you’re not going to be there,
For me, this time around.

Thinking about everything we shared,
With you and me,
May be am just going back too much
Wishing to live you in me all over again.
I really wish it were a movie
And you standing outside my door,
Waving through heavy rains
For me to come out and hold you tight,
And kiss you hard to let our love grow.

I hate the fate
That denied me a date
With you and your love.
Love You!

Life's empty without You !!

Longer my nights become,
When I think about those days,
My mind, body and soul revolved around you.
You painted my life a beautiful sky
And filled it with your shades of love.
People called me crazy and they still do,
But I don’t care, for, it’s you all over me.
You changed my rules
And taught me to be my ownself.
I loved the way we loved,
May be because I had the best girl in the planet.

The colors fade away by themselves
And the music turns itself off
Whenever I think you are gone,
Too far beyond my reach.
Love came to us when we were
Too young for this world,
And it could never leave us,
For, we defined it in a better way.
You always shine in my sky,
As the brightest star, twinkling all the way through.
And I promise now girl,
That there’ll be no other stars in my sky.
Waiting for you to sweep me off,
One last time.
Love you!

Love is You

I keep searching for your breathe,
In the air that surrounds me.
I keep searching for your tears of Happiness,
In the deepest oceans around me.
My heart pretends to beat
Just to keep me alive,
Ever since you were gone.
You are forever my reason,
For the sad smiles and happy tears.
Love was just love
Before it came to us.
And Love is You
After it became ours.
Miss you more than words ever mean.
Love You!

Happy Valentine's day

A day that dawned so beautifully,
With a mind that’s been thinking of
You every moment it exists,
A heart that’ll forever beat your name,
Eyes that sees you in everything they see
Ears that hear you in everything they hear
Smile and tears joining hands together
Whenever you come dancing thro’ our memories,
With a love that’s possible
Only between “My You” and “Your Me”
I’m here wishing you
A very happy “Valentine’s day”.
Love You!