Friday, September 10, 2010

Will I Ever Get Over You ........ ?

Whenever people ask me to forget You
And move on with my Life
I smile inside of me
Wishing to ask them
How can i ever move on
When my life is gone with the Love of my life ....
Its a Myth that am Still alive
Even after you're Gone.

My Mind asks me to
Forget Her name thats always been the first thing i utter
Forget Her Face thats tatooed deep into my Heart
Forget Her Kisses thats been the cause of my survival
Forget her warm Embrace that was meant only for me
Forget Our Love thats always been the root of our Lives
Forget that She was Mine
Forget You being my Skin and Me being the best beat of Your Heart
Forget Her when our favourite song was played
Forget Her Walks n Her Beautiful Talks
Forget Her Beautiful Eyes that had a lot of Unsaid Love in them
Forget the way I held Her tight
Forget the time that went so fast

Remember She's Gone Forever
Miss You Lav ......

Will I Ever Get Over You Lav ....... ?
My Heart Answers
Never ................
Luv U My Lav .........


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