Saturday, August 21, 2010

To My Most Wonderful Lav !!

I sit here on this cold night
There's one bright star in the sky that i see
I wish I could find Happiness
But all I could do is Cry

There are memories of You in my head
There’s loneliness in my heart
I wish my life wasn't so hard
And that we weren't so far apart
You in Heaven n I in Hell
I miss that fire in your eyes
I miss the way you smile
You took away that empty feeling
and made every thing worth.

I know you touched my heart 
With a Love that can never be replaced
You cared for me like no one else did
You Promised never to let me go
But you did go away to the Gods above me
I love you so much
with all my heart and it still hurts so much
To even think that You can never belong with me Anymore.

Though We are You n I now
Nothing can still separate You being in me
And Me being in You
Miss you my Heart ... 

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