Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maa ..... You are the Best

I woke up in the middle of the Night feeling Insecure
Darkness around me all of a sudden
I couldn't feel the fresh Air around me
I couldn't see the whirling fan or the Dim table -lamp
All i could ever see was Darkness ..

I couldn't think about things that usually occupy me
I couldn't text my friends or even talk to them
I couldn't continue reading my favorite book
The Music that i usually listen to seemed mute
The awesome  football game between my favorite teams seemed blank
But There was a definite calmness around me

I felt like i was floating on some water body
Whenever i felt Hungry it seemed like the food reached down to me
To satisfy my Hunger ...
It seemed like someone was holding me onto them
I could feel them Moving carefully .... Cos i was holding onto them
I could feel their happiness whenever i moved
I didn't really Know Who i really was ......... Everything seemed to forget ...
It all seemed like a miracle n there was Peace all around me ..

There was a sudden Cry of Pain
I was yearning to tell her that I never wanted to hurt her this way
I really wanted to Cry out my Promise to her that i'll never give her any more pain in life
I could feel myself moving
I could feel the water body that was holding me getting completely drained off
I could see myself moving slowly towards Bright Light
I could sense somebody Pushing me out
I could see HER hold on me withdrawing itself
I couldn't open my eyes or feel anything for a moment or so
I felt someone slapping me hard

I suddenly came back to my senses n realised who i really was
I cried out My promise to my Mom that i will never ever Hurt her again in life
I could see her physical pains draining off as soon as i cried my promise out to her
She laid me close to her ... on her Heart filled with Love
I could feel her kissing all over me ...
Well really wished to die on her lap cos i wanted her to be my start n end ....

Maa .......  Thanks for bearing me amidst all your Physical n mental pains ......
I promise to be yours forever ..... Never will i leave u maa .......


  1. Mom is madly missing u ra siddhu.......

  2. Hey..How can you...write such amazin lines...seriously...mind blowin..!! i'm sure ur mom wud love to read it..and giv u a tight hug..n kisses...!! Love u Bro..!

  3. Hmmm .... Normal feelin of every child sissy .....

  4. forever a read of it gives pleasure siddhu!