Friday, July 9, 2010


I was crying tears of Pain
   As i pushed you into the world
   As i pushed you from the darkness of my womb to the bright world outside me.
I'am now crying tears of Relief to see u born alive when i was reborn as your Mother
I'am crying the tears of Love to see you smile when i held you for the first time
I'am now crying the tears of Arrogance and Pride as i keep looking at your divinely beautiful face
I'am now crying the tears of Happiness as you nurse my breasts for the first time
I'am now crying the tears of Satisfaction as you were able to finally locate my tender feminism
   and suck them hard for your feed.
The way your tiny fingers fondle my body
The way your soft lips suck my feminism
The way you look at me after a satisfied meal
       Only a Mother like me can feel the Heaven on Earth

I felt so much pleasure when you used to crawl inside my womb and i feel the same pleasure
  as you crawl into me every time you fall asleep.
Every time i take you for a bath, Your cute Naughtiness wet me fully
I pray God that the warm water shouldn't hurt my little one
Every time i take you in my arms, Your beautiful smiles and little whispers tell me that you
    love being in my arms as my little one
Every time i feed you, The way you take on me
    Hmmm ... You bring out the beautiful Mother in me
Every time i hold your hands, You seem to tell me
"Hey mummy i'll never let this hold leave me, I'll be yours forever"
Every time i kiss your white paws, I feel your purity n the softness in you
Your soft touches
Deep hard bites
Beautiful kicks
Marks left by your tiny nails
Every little thing that you do to me make me the proudest Mother that i'am today.

Your teary eyes when I cry and Your Big smile when i smile tells me that
    " You'll always be there for me, No matter what happens".
I feel so pure when i touch your tender parts n change diapers for you day n night
I forget my pain when i see your faintest smile
Your eager eyes searching for me when your hungry. Though I love it
   i would never let hunger strike you even if its for a second
I would laugh at my stupidity when i go for shopping and imagine you in every cute dress that i see
   forgetting that you are still a day's old baby
The toys that am going to buy for you would fill this little world of ours
I used to admire nature before you were born but now .. It seems so dull n unattractive.
  You are the most beautiful thing i will ever see in my life
I've heard Angels make life beautiful for people on earth n started experiencing is since the moment
   I was holding you in me.
I really hope You understand the Yearnings of this Crazy Mother of yours.
Love You Kiddie

Thank You for making me feel a Mother,

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