Friday, July 9, 2010

The Hope Of A Child In Orphanage


Each Night before I go to bed
I fold my hands and bow my head
Praying for the family thats gonna make me theirs
Waiting for the day SHE will come for me
I ask God to watch over my friends at the Orphanage
The place that i call my Temple
Wishing everyone of us finds families and relationships\
To share n care ..
I finish my prayers and get ready to sleep
With a hope that God would look at us soon
My prayers usually are my Dreams at nights
Hoping that she will be standing there for me
When i wake up to the brightness of her face

In a hope that one fine day , My name would be called
And i would jump off my bed and run towards the
Wonderful SHE i was waiting for ......
I would hug her.. shouting out " Oh mummy, oh mummy"
I've been waiting for U all these days..
And that she would reply " Yes my darling!
I've come to take u home"
I will love you, Protect you n cherish u till my end"
I will always be your love n care".

She would look at me with teary eyes n whisper deep into my ears
" I love u so much my baby" The words that ve been eluding me since
the moment i was born.
She held my hands gently n i held her with all my might
In the fear of being let alone again.
Hand in hand.. We walked together,
Deep emotions encircle me as I leave my temple
With my God.
I promised my friends that i would go n visit them every weekend
with my maa ..

Thus i found my life n let my mother find her happiness in me.
Love u maa ..

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