Saturday, July 10, 2010

Come Back To Me ....Please ..........

Whenever I wanna smile
There's always a drop of tear reminding You
Reminding the fact that You're Gone
Gone with the Wind .. Too Far
Out of my reach.
Does those tears tell u something ...........?
Something that i've been yearning to tell u
    To tell you that my heart is missing a beat every little moment without You
    To tell you that You'e my Happiness n i miss my smile ever since you were gone
    To tell you that i always Love being yours n only yours
    To tell you that i love it " when u were mine"
    To tell you that I'll keep loving you till my soul stops breathing.

Every-time the clock ticks
My mind starts thinking about you
It really pains so much to even think you're gone
So much that my brain keeps telling me that "I MISS HER"
Whenever i see happy couples together
I cry out Happy tears cos i see " us in them "
Its always such a pride to even think that You're mine
I wanna thank you for being "mine in me" ....

You defined my love n let me define yours
Together we defined True Love
Something that is rare n pure
Something that belonged only to us
Whenever i think about you sitting alone with the angels in the heaven above me
My eyes cry out bloody tears
My heart misses a beat every second
Wish i could be there with you ...
Let the Angels in the Heaven wait for a moment
Let the moment turn into an Eternity
Waiting for you to come back to me
Be mine forever ..  heal my heart one more
Touch me n let my pain disappear
Look deep into me n keep pumping your love into me
Yearning to hold you in my arms n tell you how much you mean to me ..
Waiting for our lips to hide into each others

The Gods don't deserve you up there in the heaven
Its me who needs u so madly n badly
Wanna be yours for eternities together
Waiting for you to come back to me
My eyes are wet
My words stammer
My walk is crippled
My heart is broken
Make me yours one again n never let me go
Love you so much baby ....... more than words can ever mean.

Will you come back to me ......???????
Will you be mine forever ........???????
Waiting for you ........With Broken Heart n Teary Eyes.


  1. heavy storm in my heart...........

  2. Hmmm My heart's gone with her ....
    Hope u liked it ..