Friday, July 9, 2010

The Beautiful Motherhood

Her Legs part wide, Stretched
Pain ripped through her stomach
Her eyes half closed n her voice Dying out
It felt like She pushed herself out of her own body

She couldn't feel my head out
She felt something burning at the other end of her body
Darkness prevailed and her eyes closed
She could sense Me moving inside her

Time had no real meaning, It was an Eternity
Hands held tight n aching muscles pained her
Body pushing through body
A chord twisted and finally tore
A single wail of breathe
A new moment of glory
I was Born

Thanks maa ..... For giving me life n showing me what love is all about.
Take a bow maa ..... Your Motherhood stands out n I promise
I'll always be yr worthy Kiddie ... Love u maa ... so much .....

1 comment:

  1. missing u so madly da siddhu......... wen r we gonna meet ?.........