Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Belong With You

I wana hold Your Hands and walk miles together
I wana hold you in my Heart for Eternities together
Never wana miss You even if its for a While
You know why my life is so beautiful
Cos You come in right away n Fill it with Love,Love n lots of Love...

Hug me harder for my worries to die
Hold me up for my tears to dry
Love me girl, For my loneliness to fly away ..
Your Pains are Mine
Your Sorrows n Tears are Mine

I'am really Selfish when it comes to Loving You
I'am really Happy that this World calls it "Possessiveness"

I can feel u deep within me every little second
No God's can ever explain this feeling between us
Is this what we call Love ...............?
Well ... It is something more than Love
Something more than even the God can define
It is something more than Love,God or Humanity.
It can only exist between u n me ..
Cos You are bing Yourself n am being Myself n
We are being Ourselves together.
I keep myself awake every night just to Watch u Sleep
I empty my thoughts just to listen to You
I keep myself blank for You to fill me up ..
I keep myself awake just to look into Your Most beautiful eyes n say
                                          "I Love You"
My mornings Miss You
My Evenings Seeks You
Where were You all these days ........................ ?

A Lifetime is never gonna be Enough to Love You
Lots of Unsaid Love still remains deep into my Heart
Take me with You

                       I belong with You..... Now n Forever ........

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