Monday, July 12, 2010

I Cry

You said Good-bye
I broke into pieces
Fell into the burning flame of Loneliness
Fell from the Height of our Love
You told me that you were going to Heaven
Without even realizing
My Heaven would be a Hell without You
If you could see me now
You will see how
I fail to even survive the "Tomorrows of my life"
Without You.
Need you so madly Baby
I Miss you so much more than the words can ever mean..

I cry Silent Tears
I cry inside of Me
I cry cos i Miss my Heart thats in You
I cry Hopelessly
Cos I know that
I can never breathe your Love again
My mind always wonders
Why did i ever let things slip away ......?
I just can't stand another day without you Baby
This feeling without you is hurting me so badly
Please come back to me n let me be yours again .

I know i can't wake up for tomorrow without you near me
I come by your Grave n spend time with you everyday
I cry out loud hoping that You would come out of it
to wipe my tears n heal my Heart just once more
Baby .. When i promised I will always be with you n
Never part from you even in Death ...
Y did i let you go ???????
I miss you baby ... With tears in my eyes n My Broken Heart Bleeding you love every moment.
Pleaseeeeee come back me ...
I'll never let u go this time ... I Swear ....
I wanna be yours forever ... even in Death.
I'am Crying forever
Cos I Know I can never breathe your Love Again.

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