Friday, July 23, 2010

My Broken Heart ..

A Broken Heart is what i feel
It leads to flowing tears
The sorrow from this Loneliness
Gives way to deeper fears ..
I'am hurt from inside
After i lost you to the Gods
I'am asking to myself
How could this end so suddenly ............... ?
I felt like i could Die ..

It wasn't very Long ago
That You n Me Embraced each other
It feels like only yesterday
And my soul's displaced now
I'am trying to find a peaceful thought
Where we and our Love were so strong
But in the Absence of You
I'am Literally dying every second to be with You.

For all the times we've Kissed
For all the times we've Laughed
For all the times we've Hugged
For all the times we've Loved
For all the times we've cried
For all the times we've lived beautifully
Your touch is what I've missed ..
I hope there comes a day
When our truest Love will re-unite in the Heaven
That day I'll wipe away my Lonely tears
Those tears that'd been wetting my pillows every night
Waiting to come back to You
To re-unite with the Love of my Life ..... You ........
Our Love is truely Unbreakable ........

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