Saturday, July 10, 2010


Things have changed forever
Time has stood still
No longer am'i the little girl that i used to be
The memories will remain close in my Heart, But the Innocence is gone forever
Through time, marriage, children, So much knowledge about life has been gained
And yet so many questions still remain Unanswered
Will the answers ever unfold ....................?
Attitude and thoughts are now conceived so differently
Who are the real friends and who are the real enemies ....... ?
Who and what are the real Priorities ......?
Will i still lose myself in trying to do things for everyone else ................?

I think not ..
The most valuable lesson life has taught me
My soul needs nourishing too
But which path should i take to do so ....? Only i can decide that.
The impact might be great but i will stay strong till the end
I now carry myself in a different way
Some say for good n others say for worse
As long as i remember the wounds of the past n things that have come out of it
I will be the only one who can things about me ..
Its my life n i live it my way.
Emotions are so high, and so low, and in between
I run fast n chase them all day long
Never really knowing which one s going to be mine
At this point n time of my life, I have been put to a Stern test
But i really know i can give it my best shot
There are thoughts that i still hold on to
There are angels still guiding me through the right path as ever
I do know that there will always be a CALM after a STORM
which my life is now
I do know that Tomorrow will b a new day for me .... With a new sunrise
And each person that has true passion n Unconditional love for me
Will stand by me n hold me whenever i fall.

Though wounded by things that have happened in my till now
I know i still have my saving Grace
I shall be aware, and full prepared to face the years ahead of me
They will bring more change
Is that not what time is after-all supposed to do ???
Heal my heart once again
But i know i can survive even if the little girl in me had disappeared
I can still reflect back on the Wonderful memories i had
After all if it had not been for her, I could never be the Woman that i'am now
Even though her memories will always haunt me.

Now is the time to say Good-bye to the Innocence of my Child-hood
And really concentrate and savor the Innocence of my Woman-hood.
Woman-hood is always a pride n Be proud to be a Woman.

An Extract From My Mail ..


  1. a true heart s urs......
    unlucky lav...
    but i wish ur luv stats once again my dear...
    move on ur life....

  2. Hope that really happens de ....