Friday, July 30, 2010

My Sweetest Dream n a Beautiful Nightmare

I saw my Angel the Moment I met Her
Her Beauty so Enchanting,Refined, Eloquent, Pure n Divine
Her eyes so Hypnotizing
Her face so Refreshing
Her Perfume still smells on Me
Her Beautiful Dark Hair, Darker than the Darkest of Nights
Her Skin so soft, Delicate n Bright
Her Figure, So feminine, Pleasing n Delightful
Her beautiful Shyness that always belonged to me
Well ... She was truly Beautiful n Delicate

We Spoke, Shared, Cared, Laughed n Cried in our own World
Her Mind, So Profound, An Articulation of speech so Rare
A friend in Joy
A Comfort when i was in tears
My Worst Enemy at Fights ( Love)
Well .. My Lav was all i can ever ask for.

Time was too short, An Eternity desired
A Love Lost
Memories Gained
A Dream Entrenched, Oh how sweet She was ... Even in my Dreams
She's the Dream of Dreams
The Thought of her Startles my Deep Sleep
I awake only to see that am all Alone again n Forever
Without Realising that she's Gone forever
Gone with the Wind
To make Life Beautiful for Gods
Where are You my Lav ....................... ?
Beneath the sands of time ............?
Inside the Womb of Mother Earth .?

Our Story once Lived
A Dream once Believed
Wishing for a last Kiss, One last Word, One last Hug n One last Love...
All Unsaid Love is still yearning to be Yours
Waiting to be in Your Arms- As Your Beautiful Love...
We were the Most Beautiful Love on Earth
Cos We Only Belonged To You n Me ...

Rest In Peace Lavina
I will keep Loving You Forever
With the Pain of Missing You in My Heart
Our Beautiful Memories bringing Smiles n Tears Together
Love You So Much My Lav ............................................
I will forever remain Yours .......

                           Rest In Peace 

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