Friday, July 23, 2010

Reaching for the Love that seems an Eternity Away

This can never be a Good-Bye
Even as i watch You leave this Physical World of Ours
Flowers being thrown all the way till Your Grave
My heart's full of thorns just cos i couldn't be with You Now
I really Hope you REST IN PEACE
This world can never forget You and Our Love ...

I really hope You don't see my tears of pain
I wish You were here to heal my heart just once more
Whenever i close my eyes, there's an Image of Your Face
I cry my heart out
Realizing that You can never be replaced in my Heart
I keep telling myself that You are my Heart-beat forever
When that becomes wrong, I'll be there with You
Proving my Love for You once again
By being with You forever....
Miss you my Love
In my heart
In my Beat
In my Smile
In my Happiness and In in Body n Soul .......

Hey My Love
I've been feeling terribly Lonely
Since the day You were Gone
Why did You have to leave me .......... ?
You were the Only One in my Heart 
Your memories will Live on Forever and Ever
Walks down our beautiful city
Where our Love was Young and Free 
Looks empty without You and Our Love
I would give my Life Away
If i ever have the chance of starting it all over again
With You My Love
I can never stop the voice Inside of Me
Thats been calling out Your name every Moment
Hey Girl, I would die this very moment only to be
Reborn and keep loving You the way i do
In all my Bloody Births to come
Miss You My Love .....

I say a lot a prayers for You to come back to me 
From Your Grave ...
I really hope my dreams will take me to You
Where the skies are blue and the leaves are green
To see You once again
Over the sea's from Earth to Heaven
To find the place We Loved the Most
I'am just holding onto You a bit Longer
Reaching for the Love that seems an eternity away
Only to be yours all over again
Miss You My Love ...

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