Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Connection

Her thoughts rush in, Like Air
That rushes to fill in a vacuum.
A void that existed is now no more.
Because of her grace and love
I still can’t get enough of her,
And I crave for more and more moments,
That would turn into eternities together.
A kind of madness prevailing in me,
Like the early morning fog,
Too stubborn to even move away.

A changed meaning of Life,
With a deeper sense of joy around me,
A beautiful world is what I see,
Through her eyes.
Though life is Mechanical,
It’s been meaningful since I met her.
Every little word I say to her,
Always meant more than what they really did.

My ego’s and attitudes packed their bags,
And I’ve always seen the best of me, through her.
Life is never about being perfect,
But it’s all about accepting imperfections
And still loving the one for who they really are.
A sacrifice, so sublime and so pure,
In its truest of senses.

I still re-live those moments,
Which were ours back then,
And get suffocated with her Love.
A smile finds its way to my lips
And a beautiful feeling,
Embraces my heart with warmth
whenever I think about her.
She’s an invisible force,
pulling through my being.
I resisted, but all in vain.
I Love You!

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