Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life's empty without You !!

Longer my nights become,
When I think about those days,
My mind, body and soul revolved around you.
You painted my life a beautiful sky
And filled it with your shades of love.
People called me crazy and they still do,
But I don’t care, for, it’s you all over me.
You changed my rules
And taught me to be my ownself.
I loved the way we loved,
May be because I had the best girl in the planet.

The colors fade away by themselves
And the music turns itself off
Whenever I think you are gone,
Too far beyond my reach.
Love came to us when we were
Too young for this world,
And it could never leave us,
For, we defined it in a better way.
You always shine in my sky,
As the brightest star, twinkling all the way through.
And I promise now girl,
That there’ll be no other stars in my sky.
Waiting for you to sweep me off,
One last time.
Love you!