Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waiting for You !!

There’s a song,
That keeps running through my mind
Whenever I think of you
And the way you loved me.
My heart skips its beat
For , I come to realize,
That you aren’t mine anymore.

I just kneel down to the ground,
Fold both my hands together
And pray to be yours and only yours
For I know that you’re my only hope.
I gave you my destiny
And I gave you every little piece of me
Only to be left alone
In a world that’s never meant to be ours.

It hurts not to see you on me
And it kills not to see you with me
With a never-dying hope,
I still live my life, the way you wanted it to be.
Waiting for you near the gates of Heaven
Only to make you mine and never leave you again.

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