Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goddess of Love !!

If you were an ocean,
I would spend you drop by drop
And if you were a drop
I would treasure you forever.
Either ways, it’s just you and only you.
Life with you or death without you,
Is all I need to take me through to you.

Time keeps running out ;
But your memories in me never fade away.
There are always high tides in my ocean of love
Every time I start to think of you,
And once again I start living you in me.
I keep losing myself to you
Every single time you blink an eye at me.

Hey Goddess of Love,
I stand here begging for your return,
For, my arms ache
Because they aren’t holding you any longer
And all my senses are long dead,
Ever since you were gone
Love is you, No matter where you are
And you will forever define it for me.
Though we are far apart,
Our souls are inter-connected.
Love You!

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