Thursday, July 21, 2011

Memories on a paper

You may be too far away from me,
But I can always feel you in me.
Writing words that mean much more
Than what they seem to be
To let you what I’ve been through
Since the time you were gone.

It’s always been only you, who understands,
The weird turns of my restless mind
And the unfortunate beats of my lonesome heart.
I leave you words,
Written on the sands of time
Hoping you would read them
Before the time runs out.

I still find your arms the safest of all
And your love, the purest of all
It’s far too bad and a disgrace
That I couldn’t travel “THE JOURNEY”
With you one last time
And that will forever remain,
The unforgiven mistake of mine.

Writing words of love, to let you know
That you were, are and will forever be,
My reason to live and love
It’s you whom I’ll turn to, for love
You are the best beat my heart’s ever had
And you’ll forever be the best breathe
That I’ve ever had.
Miss you with me, but never in me.

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