Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleepless Nights

Here I’m as always,
Spending sleepless nights
Forcing laughter and faking smiles
Living our memories alone
In a place called “Here”
That was once meant to be Ours.

This night is moving away into a dawn,
And I still live,
Amidst walls of uncertainty
Shifting my eyes through the darkness of nights
Desperate to find your face in it
But as always I get to,
Wake up to the tear-wetted pillows of mine.

Please don’t fall in love with the Gods,
Please don’t let him love you,
Walking to and fro in our room
Wishing for a knock on the door, by you.
But life’s after-all a dream
Ever since you were gone.
Love You!

1 comment:

  1. always sleep less.. you never get tired of thinking too much because of love remains in your past..but love always and never let go..will always be whenever and whatever you are..never fades..

    ever since the world begun...
    good memories will be kept and forever in our hearts...