Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Journey !!

The journey seemed like a never-ending One,
The roads seemed to go on and on forever
The trees withered in the sands of time
Skins wrinkled and Pages were worn out,
Only to be torn.
Batteries down and the clocks grew old with time.
Black hair turned grey and eyes seemed less beautiful
The good became bad and the bad turned evil
Speeches were made without words,
And words changed their meanings.
The rocks were aging,
And the sun became warmer.
Hearts lost love and people lost Humanity.
Though whole world transformed itself into another,
Here lies a soul that still loves you more
With every passing moment of his life,
Travelling together with your memories,
Like railway tracks, Never destined
To be in each other’s arms till an eternity.
Love You!

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