Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unsaid Love

I love the feeling
That wants me to be yours forever.
My Unfulfilled Love for you
Is always hard to digest.
Just a mere thought of you
Heightens every little sense of mine.
My days are lived through my dreams at nights.
You magnify my emotions and made me feel a Man.
I still have a lot of Unsaid Love
That’s waiting to be spelled to you
In its own beautiful ways.

I’ve been feeling this feeling
Which belonged to us
You’re autumn, now mine as spring
With a metallic finger – ring
On a turquoise day wedding
As green olives awaiting
All my memories yearning
Awaiting my love, With love
Though I know for a fact
That you can never be mine again

Living with a hope
That you’ve given me
Life or Death, Its with you.

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